Our array microphone products were designed so that the location of the microphone elements in the array can be easily changed. Therefore, if an OEM wishes to embed our array technology in his device in order to achieve superior microphone performance (especially for speech recognition applications), it can be accomplished quickly and easily. If our PCB can fit in the device, reconfiguration of the array can be done immediately. If the PCB has to be changed, reconfiguration can be done almost as fast.

For example, a manufacturer of ruggedized portable computers needed microphone technology to capture talkers several feet in front of and behind a tablet-like language translator. We modified our PCB to fit neatly within his packaging requirements, and created a six element, two-dimensional microphone array in a few months.

The product can be seen at: //www.securecomm.com/tablet_translator.html


A breadboard of the lid assembly (showing the six microphone elements more clearly).


Secure Communication Systems Lynx Translator with Acoustic Magic 2D Array Microphone Technology running SRI International IraqComm™ Speech Translation Software.