The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone

The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone locates a talker and electronically steers a “listening beam,” like an acoustic searchlight, in that direction.

This creates spatial filtering; sounds and reverberation from other parts of the room are not picked up. In addition, digital noise reduction processing removes background noise. This two-stage noise reduction, coupled with the sensitivity of eight “always on” microphone elements, gives the Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone outstanding range and sound quality when recording anything from meetings to simple notations.

The Voice Tracker™ is the Perfect Meeting Recording Array Microphone

Meeting Recording Features:

  • Full 360° field of view.
  • Picks up people talking at normal voice levels at ranges of 30+ feet.
  • Filters out interfering chatter from side conversations.
  • Filters out stationary background sound such as fan noise, air conditioners, etc.
  • Connects easily to PC-based meeting recording software
  • Connects easily to digital and analog handheld recorders.

Meeting Recording

The Voice Tracker™ array microphone has been tested and certified by the following meeting recording software and hardware vendors:

  • SoniClear (Meeting Pro)
  • WinScribe
  • Quindi (Meeting Companion)
  • QuickScribe
  • GearDictate
  • Grundig Business Systems

The Voice Tracker™ has been used successfully in the following application segments:

Town Meeting Recording

Boardroom recording

Courtroom/deposition recording

Note Taking

Classroom Recording