Automatic Speech Recognition for Medical Dictation

As ASR engines improve, dictation using Medical vocabularies from Dragon, iListen, Via Voice and others, is becoming more widespread. ASR is especially useful in conjunction with EMR SW.

Many doctors find it impractical to wear a headset or hold a handheld mic (especially those that get up and down from their desks often).

The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone is so sensitive, and its sound quality is so good, that it provides headset/handheld mic accuracy at ranges of several feet, enabling headset like accuracy without the encumbrance of wearing a headset.

See: (August 19, 2002) Infor*Med Integrates the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker™ array microphone with its PRAXIS® Electronic Medical Records software

The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone has been certified for medical dictation use by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, ViaVoice, and iListen

Recording for Later Transcription

Even when automatic speech recognition is not used, doctors have found the Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone useful for hands-free recording for later medical transcription. For example, the Marshfield Clinic has purchased more than 100 Voice Trackers™ over the past several years for just that application.

See: (February 4, 2004) Marshfield Clinic Uses Acoustic Magic’s Microphone to Provide Hands-Free/Headset-Free Digital Dictation For Electronic Medical Reporting

Recording in Pathology Cut Up Rooms

The Voice Tracker’s™ ability to pick up talkers at long-range is particularly valuable in the medical field where hands-free recording is essential.

Voice Tracker I array microphone used in a Pathology cut up room.

Training and Conferencing

Capturing talkers throughout a large room is a challenging task since sounds from other people in the room, as well as background noise, often obscure the speech. Usually, several microphones (with associated mixers) are required. The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone, with scanning unidirectional technology, enables full room coverage with a single microphone making it ideal for conductiong medical meetings, training and conferences.

See: (June 12, 2006) Ohio University College of Business uses Acoustic Magic’s Array Microphones for Distance Learning and Large Group Teleconferencing


The acoustic echo cancellation feature of the Voice Tracker II enables it to be used with networking cameras for telemedicine applications.

See: User Comment from Matthew Haxton of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

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