The Voice Tracker I scanning beamforming array microphone has been proven to provide high quality audio coverage over a large area; and it does it at an affordable price.

The Voice Tracker I has been successful in lecture/ meeting recording and conferencing applications for the following reasons:

30 ft, 360 degree pick up range

  • Captures questions from the class as well as the lecturer as he moves around the room.
  • Captures all the talkers around a large conferencing table.

Easy to use

  • All the intelligence is inside the microphone.
  • Just connect it to the computer by 3.5mm mini-stereo or USB and select the Voice Tracker I as the default microphone.
  • No set up of multiple beams or multiple microphones/mixers is required


  • More than 18,000 sold.
  • Less than ½ of 1 percent failure rate
  • Most are still running, some as long as 15 years.

Low Cost

  • Under $300


  • For greater coverage, Voice Trackers can be combined using 3.5mmYs or simple mixers.

Wall powered

  • No batteries that can die out, ruining recording

Flexible mounting alternatives

  • Built in ceiling/wall mount
  • Or can sit on a table.

To get an idea of the Pick-up range, see a video of one Voice Tracker I located in the front of a stadium lecture hall:

To get an idea of the sound quality, listen to a recording of the Voice Tracker in a 30 foot room:

The Voice Tracker I accomplished its low-cost, high quality performance through our patented single beam scanning technology.

Scanning “Listening Beam”

Beam3-smlUnlike fixed beam array microphones, that have a limited “listen direction”, the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker I automatically locates the active talker and electronically steers a “listening beam” in that direction. It can direct its “listening beam” over a 360 degree range, creating a wide field of view. For Meeting Recording or Lecture Capture or Conferencing Applications, the Voice Tracker™ Array Microphones capture all the participants since the “listening beam” moves from one talker to the next in milliseconds. For speech recognition applications, it is no longer necessary to sit rigidly in front of the microphone. The user is free to lean backwards, sideways, or even move around. Multiple fixed beam array microphones create a wider field of view than a single fixed beam mic, but the multiple beams need individually set up, which will need to be changed if the location of the talker’s changes.

The Voice Tracker I is an effective microphone for VoIP Conferencing rooms

The Voice Tracker I can be used with products that have good AECs, like Zoom and Skype

The Voice Tracker II, which has its own AEC, can be used with product that don’t have a robust AEC

Since the Voice Tracker is just a microphone, the customer can select the best in class camera and loudspeaker.

Additional applications for the Voice Tracker I array microphone:

Automatic speech recognition

  • Hands free/headset free ASR at distances of several feet


  • Connect to cameras as an auxiliary mic for improved audio pick up


  • The Voice Tracker’s low cost and small footprint make it usable when a large number of installations are desired

Courtroom and deposition recording

  • Tracks lawyers as they move about.

Voice Tracker™ I Specifications


  • 30+ feet for meeting recording (depends on acoustic characteristics of the room.)

Analog Output:

(6ft male/male audio cable included)

  • Mic level
  • 3.5mm ministereo jack
  • Same signal on tip & ring
  • 500 ohm output impedance

Frequency Response:

  • 100Hz to 11,250 Hz

Physical Dimensions:

  • Length: 18″
  • Height: 2.5″
  • Weight: 2.5lbs

Power Equipment:

(wall-powered converter included)

  • 6V DC
  • 400 ma
  • Center Pin Positive

Voice Tracker™ I Features

  • Automatic electronic steering of “listening beam” to talker location
  • Selectable steering limits (90 degrees and 180 degrees) for speech recognition and Meeting recording modes
  • Selectable LDS™ to reduce annoying interference of additional talkers during speech recognition or feedback during teleconferencing
  • Two stage noise reduction (spatial filtering and noise reduction processing)
  • 8 element, 18 inch long array for maximum range
  • 5 element “in range” light to indicate location of chosen talker and sufficiency of signal
  • Microphone tilt capability to facilitate desktop, monitor top, ceiling, or wall mounting
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds(excluding wall power supply)
  • Power: converter from 120V AC to 6V DC included

Compatible with a variety of operating systems including:

  • Microsoft : Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • Apple/Macintosh : Mac OS, Mac OS X
  • Linux

pdf-instructionsVoice Tracker™ I User Instructions

View Voice Tracker™ Instructions PDF