First, a strong appeal of Zoom rooms is price/performance. The Voice Tracker array mic creates value in this regard. It has the same pickup range and sound quality as array microphones costing ten times more.

The Voice Tracker I can pick up talker at range of 30 Ft. Two or more can be easily combined for improved range and sound quality, and still be much less expensive than its competitors.

Ease of use and set up are also important. All the processing (beamforming, noise reduction, AEC) are done inside the unit. All that the user need do is plug it in. The voice Tracker automatically and electronically steers a listening beam to the active talker. No set-up of listening beams to expected talker locations is required.

Reliability is also a requirement. No one wants the microphone to fail during a conference. Voice Trackers have been shipping since 2002, with extremely low failure rates.

Since Zoom has a good AEC of its own, the less expensive Voice Tracker I can be used with Zoom, The Voice Tracker I has been certified by Zoom.


The Voice Tracker II has a built, fast adapting AEC for use with VoIP product with less robust AECs.

30 foot Zoom room comparison recording of the Voice Tracker I with an array mic costing 10 times more

Both microphone were mounted on the front wall near the display.