Voice Tracker array microphones are ideal for these applications since their long pick up range and wide field of view enable voice capture of the patient as well as other staff in the room. The Voice Tracker’s low cost and reliability improves the cost effectiveness of telemedicine.

Voice Tracker array microphones can be installed permanently in the room, or in roll in carts.

Voice Tracker III as part of a wall mounted or cart mounted ICU teleconferencing system

Voice Tracker II and Camera on Wall Mount Monitor

For VoIP computer based conferencing systems like Skype and Zoom that have good acoustic echo cancellation, the Voice Tracker I or Voice Tracker III can be used. See: Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker™ I Array Microphone Certified for Use with Zoom’s Cutting Edge VoIP and Video Conferencing Systems

The Voice Tracker I has a list price of $279.

The Voice Tracker III has a list price of $470.

For network based camera systems, or VoIP products that don’t have a robust AEC, the Voice Tracker II, with a built in AEC is ideal. See: User Comment from Matthew Haxton of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

The Voice Tracker II has a list price of $360.

The Voice Tracker array mic automatically and electronically steers a “listening beam” to the active talker, reducing background noise. Consequently, both Voice Tracker array mics have a pickup range of ~30 feet with a 360 degree field of view.