Scanning “Listening Beam”

Beam3-smlUnlike conventional microphones, or first generation array microphones, which have a fixed “listen” direction, Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker™ Array Microphones automatically locate the active talker and electronically steers a “listening beam” in that direction. It can direct its “listening beam” over a 360 degree range, creating a wide field of view. For Meeting Recording or Lecture Capture or Conferencing Applications, the Voice Tracker™ Array Microphones capture all the participants since the “listening beam” moves from one talker to the next in milliseconds. For speech recognition applications, it is no longer necessary to sit rigidly in front of the microphone. The user is free to lean backwards, sideways, or even move around.

Spatial Filtering for Noise Reduction

The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone improves signal-to-noise ratios in two ways.

  • First, its digital signal processor creates a listening beam (like a searchlight) that focuses on the talker and spatially filters noise from other directions.
  • Second, its proprietary noise reduction algorithms filter out background noise and reverberations that are present in the acoustic environment.

Constructive Addition of Multiple Microphones for High Sensitivity

Voice Tracker’s adds the audio signals from the always-on microphone elements, but not the noise.

Embedded Algorithms for Ease of Use

Our patented steering technology employs digital electronics and proprietary embedded algorithms. There are no moving parts, so the Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone is rugged, reliable, and easy to use. Simply plug it into your computer. No software needs to be loaded, and there is no drain on your computer’s processing capacity.

There Are Two Voice Tracker™ Models

The Voice Tracker™ I is optimized for recording, and conventional conferencing applications.

The Voice Tracker™ III is an updated version of the Voice Tracker I with improved pickup range and frequency response.

*All Voice Tracker™ microphones incorporate patented scanning beam microphone array technology exclusively licensed from Brown University.