Certified Automatic Speech Recognition for Legal Dictation

As ASR engines improve, dictation using legal vocabularies from Dragon, iListen, Via Voice and others, is becoming more widespread. Many lawyers find it impractical to wear a headset or hold a handheld mic.

The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone is so sensitive, and its sound quality is so good, that it provides headset/handheld mic accuracy at ranges of several feet, enabling headset like accuracy without the encumbrance of wearing a headset.

The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone has been certified by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, ViaVoice, and iListen.

See: User Comment from Charles van Cleef, Holmes & Moore, PLLC

Meeting & Deposition Recording Microphone

Capturing talkers throughout a large room is a challenging task since sounds from other people in the room, as well as background noise, often obscure the speech. Usually, several microphones (with associated mixers) are required. The Voice Tracker™ Legal Array Microphone, with scanning unidirectional technology, enables full room coverage with a single microphone. This makes a lawyer’s job easier when trying to obtain a quality deposition recording.

See: User Comment from Lynda Batchelor, RDR, Glacier Stenographic Reporters, Inc.

Audio and Video Legal Conferencing

The same attributes that make the Voice Tracker™ Legal Array Microphone, ideal for meeting recording make it an ideal microphone for audio and video legal conferencing. It can be used as an auxiliary microphone with expensive conventional conferencing systems, or it can be the main microphone for the coming, desktop based VoIP-based conferencing systems.

See: User Comment from Sally Goldberg, Documentation Specialist, Remote Meeting Facilitator, Flint Ink

See: (May 4, 2004) Broadcast International selects Acoustic Magic’s Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone for their Interact Video Conferencing System