Array microphones are ideal components in a VoIP conferencing system because a single microphone can cover a 30 ft room, eliminating expensive and complicated multiple mic/mixer approaches.

Voice Tracker™ array microphones are often chosen because they are as much as 10 time less expensive than competitive array microphones, yet they have equivalent performance. Our Voice Tracker array mics have proven to be incredibly reliable. 25,000 have been installed and they have had been practically no glitches. This means no need to call in scare IT resources.

Microphone for use with Teans and Zoom

An important requirement for conferencing application is acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). Acoustic echo occurs when the far end talker is picked up by an open mic in the near end and sent back to the far end as an echo. However, Zoom and Teams for Business have their own, robust AEC, so the less expensive Voice Tracker™ I can be used with Teams and Zoom.

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Here are some user comments about Voice Trackers with various VoIP products: