Voice Tracker I Array Microphone (Multiple Options)


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The Voice Tracker I Desktop Array Microphone contains 8 separate microphones that work together to form a “listening beam” focused on the talker. The listening beam creates spatial filtering, causing outstanding signal to noise ratios. The beam automatically and electronically steers to new talker making the Voice Tracker ideal for recording large groups as well as individuals. The output is through a 3.5 mm jack, at mic level. The Voice Tracker comes with a 6 foot audio cable and wall power converter for USA voltage/plug.

Other Options Available:
Voice Tracker I USB Array Microphone – Product Code: 103
Same as the Voice Tracker I (part 101) plus a USB adapter. (part 102A). Wall power to the microphone is still required

Voice Tracker I Array Microphone – UK Version – Product Code: 104
The Voice Tracker I Array Microphone is the standard Voice Tracker I Array microphone with a UK wall power converter rather than an USA wall power converter.

Voice Tracker I Array Microphone – with EU Wall Power Supply – Product Code: 110
Same as the standard Voice Tracker I, with a wall power supply for EU voltage and plug instead of USA voltage and plug.

For computers that have replaced the TRS mic in and speaker out jacks with one TRRS jack, use a TRS to TRRS adapter, or better still, a USB adapter. For Macs, a USB adapter is necessary.
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