Infor*Med Integrates the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker array microphone with its PRAXIS® Electronic Medical Records software

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Praxis users can now work “hands free”

Los Angeles, California. – August 19, 2002 – Infor*Med Medical Information Systems, the makers of the Praxis® EMR, announced today that it has entered a partnership agreement with Acoustic Magic to sell the patented Voice Tracker™ array microphone with its Praxis Medical Records Software.

The Voice Tracker™ is the first professional grade array microphone which has been certified by both ScanSoft for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking™ and IBM for use with ViaVoice.

The Voice Tracker™ forms a listening beam (like a searchlight), which locates and electronically steers toward the talker. This spatial filtering reduces background noise, creating a very high signal-to-noise ratio, which results in low recognition errors, long range and fast response. Users no longer need to be tethered by a headset, or encumbered by a handheld microphone.

PRAXIS, from Infor*Med Corporation, is the number one selling Electronic Medical Program in the small and medium size practices, and the ONLY EMR using a CONCEPT PROCESSOR to speed up charting, while increasing the quality of the written output.

According to Richard Low, M.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infor*Med, “it is critically important for a physician to work ‘hands-free’ in his environment, so that his main concern is only his patient. Voice Tracker™ enables medical practitioners to use voice recognition software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking®, to enter information into Praxis. Voice Tracker™ is the first array microphone I have used that works effectively in a physician’s office.”

About Infor*Med. Infor*Med is a leading innovator of Electronic Medical Records software in the new billion dollar medical information industry. Praxis, Infor*Med’s only product, utilizes a company developed technology known as Concept Processing which stands to become the standard of medical information in the world, revolutionizing the practice of medicine of the XXI Century. Founded in 1991, Infor*Med has its headquarters in Woodland Hills, California. Praxis is a registered Infor*Med trademark. //

About Acoustic Magic, Inc. Acoustic Magic, Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in the Boston suburb of Sudbury, building a family of superior “far talking” microphones for speech recognition, teleconferencing and automotive applications. For more information on Voice Tracker™, visit www.Acoustic or Contact Us Here.

Voice Tracker™ is a trademark of Acoustic Magic.