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323Link’s OneTouch – AV on Windows PC – enables low-cost, high-performance, and multi-platform conferencing solutions.

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323Link was an early adapter of Zoom conferencing software and became one of their earliest Resellers in 2012.
We quickly developed the OneTouch Interface to facilitate the installation and operation of conference room set-ups. OneTouch simplifies installation, integration, and operation of complex solutions through a straightforward hardware kit complemented by powerful software/middleware.

Through the use of the OneTouch controller, 323link builds Audio-Visual Systems on Windows Computers, providing cost reductions of 20-50%. These systems enhance efficiency by simplifying the learning curve, while delivering superior audiovisual presentations, video conferencing, and audio/video recording capabilities. With OneTouch functionality, courtrooms, classrooms, and conference rooms attain unparalleled reliability and effortless management. 323Link incorporates Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker III auto-scanning array microphones for optimum sound quality and reliability. Since 323Link provides customer support, we really focus on reliability.

323link has innovatively engineered multiple mounting solutions for the Acoustic Magic microphones, enabling secure attachment via ceiling grids or side walls. The Voice Tracker III microphones provide an ‘always-on’ solution, with 323link strategically combining 2-4 units to cover larger rooms seamlessly.

OneTouch boasts built-in software mixers on Windows, granting precise control over audio systems and sensitivity through the intuitive OneTouch control interface. Additionally, OneTouch leverages handheld and lapel microphones for local room reinforcement, ensuring optimal support for local audiences.

With OneTouch, we transcend traditional hardware setups, transitioning from bulky racks to streamlined software systems. This allows for a compact footprint, typically enabling us to install all hardware discreetly behind room displays using our turnkey kits. With OneTouch, Audio Visual becomes a truly turnkey solution with plug and play configurations that require no programming.

Don Cotton

Using the Voice Tracker III for web-conferencing in NYC

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Since June of 2019 we have successfully deployed many Voice Tracker microphones for a combination of teleconference and web conferencing rooms. In one specific not-for-profit location, they have had microphone issues in the space leftover from the original vendor. No amount of DSP and adjustments made the space usable for their purposes. We brought in Voice Tracker III to the space and they could not believe the difference in quality. With one microphone connected by the monitor, their entire room was picked up with a clarity they had not ever had in the space.

In my opinion the positioning of the Voice Tracker in the same audio plane of the meeting attendees gives an audio presence that no ceiling microphone has been able to capture. The fact that the Voice Tracker is a reasonable cost makes it an easy sell to the client after the demonstration.

Due to the NYC COVID 19 shutdown many universities we are working with are looking to create hybrid learning environments with Zoom. The Voice Tracker lends itself perfectly to these types of spaces, as many fit the size and price constraints we are being tasked with in the coming months.