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How Speech Recognition Turns Sound Into Words & How We Give You Greater Freedom

Have you ever used a speech recognition microphone and wondered how what you are dictating gets translated and turned into words on the screen? Find out now and see how our Voice Tracker speech recognition microphone gives you greater freedom!

Speech Recognition

How A Speech Recognition Microphone Turns Sound Into Words

The process involves several important steps, including:

Converting Sound To Digital Data

When you speak, you are creating vibrations in the air. Once the voice recognition microphone picks up the sound, an analog to digital converter translates the analog wave into digital data, which is the only language the system understands.

In order to do this, the microphone digitizes the sound by taking measurements of the wave frequently. The system then filters the digitized sound to remove unwanted noise.

This process also adjusts the sound to a constant volume. Since people don’t always speak at the same rate of speed, the sound may need to be adjusted to match the speed of the sound stored in the template sound samples which are stored in the system’s memory.

Software Breaks Words Into Patterns

The signal is divided into small segments of consonant sounds, and the software matches them with elements in the language to put together meaningful expressions.

The final step is the most challenging: The software examines the words and compares them to ones in its dictionary to decide what it thinks the user has said and displays the best match on the screen. All of these processes are performed within a few seconds of the words being spoken into a microphone.

Speech Recognition With Greater Freedom

Our Voice Tracker array microphones are certified by and work great with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and other speech recognition software. The Voice Tracker is also certified at a greater range than other microphones. Normally, with most speech recognition software, your mouth has to be very close to the microphone, but with the sensitivity and quality of Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone, you can still get accuracy at a few feet away.

With the benefit of the Voice Tracker array microphone’s hands-free and headset-free capability, you can experience even greater freedom than other speech recognition microphones. This benefit can be a crucial advantage especially for those with disabilities such as quadriplegics.

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