Tekvox Incorporates the Voice Tracker III Array Microphone in Its Hyflex Drop in AV Systems

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TEKVOX has selected Acoustic Magic’s VTIII as the high-performance array microphone of choice to integrate with our HyFlex Drop-In systems for educational installations. TEKVOX HyFlex Drop-Ins are the industry’s most powerful and cost-effective solutions for cloud-connected classrooms.

The VTIII has been an integral component in our best-selling, entry-level collegiate classroom solution, the 71021-HF1, where they provide whole-room microphone coverage. The mics also feature in our value-based 71021-HF2 and 71021-T2 systems. TEKVOX HyFlex Drop-In solutions with VTIII mics are currently used on Lone Star College campuses and at Texas Southern University and Alamo College.

In our real-world classroom evaluations, the VTIII offered the best price-performance for deployment in every classroom. The mic’s range, sound quality, reliability and cost combine to give us the audio features we need in our easy-to-use Drop-Ins. Compared to a typical lavalier or choir mic, the VTIII, with its beam forming array, provides superior coverage for a whole room experience at a comparable cost.   

We have created custom mounts and plates for the mics for mid-room installation of our classroom Drop-Ins and integrated them with our auto-tracking cameras for audio transport. Acoustic Magic has been an outstanding partner with TEKVOX providing us with consistent availability and quality of product, which enables us to offer the best solutions for cost-sensitive customers across the educational market.

Jim Reinhart