Combining Two Voice Tracker I For Greater Room Coverage

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Note the Voice Tracker I mount on the ceilingTwo Voice Trackers can be combined for greater room coverage.

Outstanding sound quality can be achieved by connecting them through a mixer. I prefer mixing them through a Biamp Tesira digital signal processor. This allows me to adjust gain and frequency response to achieve terrific sound quality.

For example, I installed two Voice Tracker I in a 60 foot room, with one mounted on the ceiling in each end of the room. I invert one Voice Tracker I in the DSP meaning the tip and shield are reversed, so that way I don’t get any cancellation and get excellent, uniform pickup throughout the room. You can hear the talker perfectly anywhere in the room. The mics worked so well that they had to install weather stripping under the edges of their computer flooring tiles because you could hear noise from the tiles when they walked around. Pretty impressive. Take a look at the pics, you can just see the mics up at the ceiling.

Note the Voice Tracker I mount on the ceilingSince the cables runs are long, 89 feet in the 60 foot room, I convert the unbalanced signal from the Voice Tracker Is to balanced.

The microphone is just one small part of an expensive AV system, but it’s so important. I can do a better job with two VT Is than I can with a $4,000 Shure ceiling mic, believe it or not. All of my clients are impressed as heck with our systems’ speech quality. Just have to know audio and be innovative. I love this business, even after 43 years in it…finding your microphones has been a blessing for me, especially after all of my colleagues saying that these are not pro audio microphones. I just say let me demo it, and win every time so far except once, and that time they had me come back and change out their system after another contractor screwed it up..

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