Mic’ing an Entire Middle School Stage with Two Voice Tracker I Array Microphones

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We just did an installation in which we replaced 12 hanging choir microphones with two Voice Tracker I array microphones to cover an entire middle school stage, 50 feet wide by 30 feet deep. The Voice Trackers were much better than the 12 hanging mics for live sound re-enforcement.

Voice Tracker on Stage
The Theater Director is thrilled with the outcome. They just did a big speaking play (no choral singing), and didn’t use any other microphones at all. I was able to hear everything perfectly in the audience.

We placed the 2 Voice Tracker microphones on the sidewalls, mounted vertically and pointed inward towards the stage. See the diagram below and the photographs. The Voice Tracker is the black line near the flag on the sidewall.

We converted the Voice Tracker’s unbalanced output signal to a balanced audio signal with a RD LTX J2 summing transformer to prevent humming.

We used a dedicated compressor limiter on each microphone and adjusted as necessary to provide superior gain before feedback.

See this PDF diagram with set up instructions.

Martin Pilewski
Harvest Productions, Inc.
Kansas City, MO