SoniClear’s AI powered recording SW combined with the Voice Tracker III array mic enables accurate transcription in large rooms

Creating Meeting Minutes Automatically with SoniClear Gov Recorder 10 and Voice Tracker III Array Microphone

SoniClear Gov Recorder is digital audio recording software trusted by government agencies and professionals for over 20 years to record government meetings. Gov Recorder 10—the latest release—integrates with SoniClear AI-powered Cloud Transcription Service to create government meeting minutes automatically. In addition, the powerful combination of Gov Recorder 10 software and the Voice Tracker III Array microphone makes it easy to both record and produce meeting minutes for all types of government meetings.

Record All Types of Meetings—Large or Small

SoniClear’s AI powered recording SW combined with the Voice Tracker III array mic enables accurate transcription in large roomsBy integrating the Voice Tracker III Array microphone with Gov Recorder 10, users can significantly enhance the accuracy of their recordings for government meetings. The Voice Tracker III is an array microphone designed to pick up clear audio in small, medium, or large meeting rooms—using array microphone technology to capture multiple people speaking throughout an entire room.

Using one Voice Tracker III array microphone simplifies recording in all types of room configurations, compared to traditional systems that require several individual microphones to adequately record all meeting participants. The user can connect the Voice Tracker III to a Windows recording computer with a single cable and USB audio adapter, streamlining the setup and reducing clutter. Gov Recorder 10 automatically detects the Voice Tracker III microphone when it is connected to the computer for immediate, one-click recording.

The Voice Tracker III microphone uses “beam forming array” technology with eight internal microphones to focus electronically on each person as they speak. It is able to switch pickup direction instantly as different people participate in the conversation. The extended pickup range of Voice Tracker III ensures you can record from greater distances. Additionally, the superior audio clarity and noise reduction by Voice Tracker III allows you to capture every detail of the meeting with precision, despite background noises like air conditioners. The result is that you get more accurate recordings with an easier setup.

The Voice Tracker III is 22 inches long, 5 inches high, and 2 inches thick, and resembles a video system soundbar. It can be permanently installed or easily moved from room to room. This versatility makes it ideal for council chambers and boardrooms, and for meetings that must be held in various locations on-site and off-site.

Create Meeting Minutes Automatically

SoniClear Gov Recorder 10 records using the Voice Tracker III microphone and automatically translates speech into nearly finished minutes. Gov Recorder 10 combines the agenda packet information and sends that to the integrated SoniClear Cloud transcription service. The transcription process then generates a draft of summary minutes, action minutes or verbatim minutes appropriate for government applications. The high intelligibility of the Voice Tracker III microphone and the advanced AI features of Gov Recorder 10 speed up the production of government meeting minutes, improving organization efficiency.