SpeechStudio and Acoustic Magic’s form a strategic partnership to develop the market for Voice Control of computers

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SUDBURY, Mass., June19, 2003 – SpeechStudio, the leading provider of toolsets for developing, testing and delivering speech recognition in Windows applications, and Acoustic Magic, the leading supplier of desktop array microphones, have agreed to work together on products to accelerate hands-free computing.

Stephen Zeigler, CEO of SpeechStudio, states, “Our customers want to help people with busy hands and eyes: doctors, soldiers, housewives, scientists, even CEOs. The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone is a breakthrough for Voice Control because it is effective both when the user is engaged at a desk, or is far from the keyboard. Its ability to follow the talker throughout the room is unique.”

According to Bob Feingold, CEO of Acoustic Magic, “SpeechStudio is ‘tuning’ its software to optimize recognition through an array microphone. High accuracy, combined with Speech Studio’s fundamental understanding of the architecture required for Voice Control, will accelerate the development of products for this market.”

About SpeechStudio Inc. (www.SpeechStudio.com). SpeechStudio Inc. provides software tools to simplify and speed the integration, refinement, and testing of speech recognition and telephony for PC applications. SpeechStudio’s tools support both telephony-style and workstation-style modalities . SpeechStudio Inc. was incorporated in 1998 and has been selling its SpeechStudio Suite and complementary product lines since 2000. The company is privately financed, and based in Portland, Oregon.

About Acoustic Magic, Inc. (www.Acoustic Magic.com). Acoustic Magic, located just outside Boston, has developed the patented Voice Tracker™ Array microphone, which it has been selling since February 2002. Visit www.Acoustic Magic.com or Contact Us Here.

Enclosed in a sleek charcoal gray casing, the Voice Tracker™ fits unobtrusively under a computer monitor. Its unique technology locates a talker, and electronically steers a “listening beam”, like an acoustic searchlight, in that direction. This creates spatial filtering; sounds from other parts of the room are not picked up. This noise reduction, coupled with increased sensitivity since the Voice Tracker’s eight microphone elements are utilized continuously and constructively, give the Voice Tracker™ outstanding range and sound quality.

The Voice Tracker™ is the only array microphone certified by both Scansoft (for use with NaturallySpeaking) and IBM (for use with ViaVoice). It is the only array microphone on the market that can scan a full 180 degrees. The Voice Tracker™ can be connected to a PC through the sound card, or through the USB port (with an optional USB adapter).