Acoustic Magic Ships its 18,000th Voice Tracker I Scanning Array Microphone

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Acoustic Magic ships its 18,000th Voice Tracker I scanning array microphone

Sudbury MA – Jan 16 – VoIP conferencing applications like Zoom and Skype drives resurgence In Voice Tracker I sales.

The Voice Tracker I scanning beamforming array microphone has long been a gold standard for lecture and meeting recording because of its 30 ft pickup range, wide field of view, ease of use, reliability, and low cost. “Schools love them because they can capture questions from the class, as well as the lecturer as he moves around the room” says Bob Feingold, President of Acoustic Magic, Inc.

Now that VoIP products like Zoom and Skype have good acoustic echo cancellers, Voice Trackers are finding acceptance in small conference rooms and huddle rooms.

VoIP has changed the economics of conferencing, leading companies and hospitals to install conferencing capability in multiple rooms across their facilities. The low cost of the Voice Tracker I, under $300, encourages widespread installations within a site.

Bob reports that “even though the Voice Tracker I is 5-10X less expensive than other array microphones, its audio quality and pick up range is comparable. Furthermore, its automatic scanning beamforming technology make it much easier to set up. It is not necessary to configure multiple listening beams, and there are no dead spots.”

Voice Trackers are simple, plug and play microphones. All the beamforming processing is inside the unit. It is connected to the computer either thru the computer’s soundcard using a 3.5mm plug or thru a USB adapter. The user is free to choose the best in class camera and loudspeaker to complete the VoIP installation.

The Voice Tracker I has a built in ceiling or wall mount. It can be used on a table, or removed from the table to reduce clutter.

The Voice Tracker II has a built in AEC for use with VoIP products that do not have a robust AEC.