HomeSeer Technologies and Acoustic Magic announce partnership to sell Voice Tracker Array Microphone For Use in Home Automation

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SUDBURY, Mass., September 28 – HomeSeer Technologies LLC has begun marketing the Voice Tracker™ Microphone, which enables voice interaction with HomeSeer’s home automation software from ranges of 20 feet or more.

According to Richard Helmke, President of HomeSeer Technologies, the Voice Tracker’s sensitivity and noise reduction capabilities significantly extends the effective range of voice control. “During tests in a 17 ft X 22 ft family room, we were able to control the television, control the lights, etc. from any seating position. It even worked with the television on!”

HomeSeer users are equally enthusiastic. As an example, in a public Message Board comment, Daniel Norris says: “You don’t have to face the mic. You don’t have to TALK LIKE THIS to get a response! I get better responses by talking in a quiet normal voice even from across the room. I love it.”

Enclosed in a sleek charcoal gray casing, the Voice Tracker™ fits unobtrusively under a computer monitor or on a shelf or table and employs a “listening beam” that electronically follows talkers located in different positions around the room. The beam acts as an acoustic searchlight, picking up voices but spatially filtering out background noise.

The Voice Tracker™ is the only array microphone on the market that can scan a full 180 degrees; it can steer from one talker to the next in a few milliseconds. Its eight microphone elements and digital noise reduction algorithms greatly enhance sound quality. It can be connected to a PC through the sound card, or through the USB port (with an optional USB adapter). More product detail is available at www.Acoustic or Contact Us Here.

The Voice Tracker™ retails for $239.95 at HomeSeer’s on-line store (//

About HomeSeer Technologies LLC. HomeSeer Technologies LLC, located in Bedford, NH, is a leading developer of home automation software.

About Acoustic Magic, Inc. Acoustic Magic, located in the Boston suburbs, is a privately held company founded in 2000. For additional information, Contact Us Here.