WinScribe Certifies the Acoustic Magic’s Voice Tracker Array Microphone for digital dictation at long range

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Auckland, NZ, October 21 – WinScribe has tested and “Certified” the Voice Tracker array microphone from Acoustic Magic, the first in a new Class of microphones that, together with SW from WinScribe, will extend applications in digital recording and speech recognition.

Dale Matravers, WinScribe’s International Business Development Manager states: “We are excited about the combination of the Voice Tracker™ with our recording SW for two reasons. First, the Voice Tracker™ enables hands-free or headset free dictation; and second, because the Voice Tracker’s long effective range, it enables quality recording in large areas like boardrooms, courtrooms, operating theaters, etc.”

Enclosed in a sleek charcoal gray casing, the Voice Tracker™ fits unobtrusively under a computer monitor, or on a shelf or table. Its unique technology locates a talker, and electronically steers a “listening beam”, like an acoustic searchlight, in that direction. This creates spatial filtering; sounds from other parts of the room are not picked up. This noise reduction, coupled with increased sensitivity since the Voice Tracker’s eight microphone elements are utilized continuously and constructively, give the Voice Tracker™ outstanding range and sound quality.

According to Bob Feingold, CEO of Acoustic Magic, “a measure of the Voice Tracker’s effectiveness at long range is the fact that voice control has been demonstrated in 22 ft X 17 ft rooms, even with the TV on!”

The Voice Tracker™ is the only array microphone certified by both Scansoft (for use with NaturallySpeaking) and IBM (for use with ViaVoice). It is the only array microphone on the market that can scan a full 180 degrees, and it can steer from one talker to the next in a few milliseconds. The Voice Tracker™ can be connected to a PC through the sound card, or through the USB port (with an optional USB adapter). More product detail is available at //www.Acoustic

About WinScribe, Ltd. WinScribe is a technology that allows the user (author) to record (dictate) and create a document or report simply by speaking into a telephone/cellular phone, personal computer, handheld digital device / PDA or legacy input device and have it intelligently routed or delivered electronically to a transcriptionist over a Local Area Network, Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN), the Internet or telephone network. For additional information, contact Dale Matravers (, US Toll Free 1866 WinScribe x829 or visit //

About Acoustic Magic, Inc. Acoustic Magic, located in the Boston suburbs, is a privately held company founded in 2000. The array technology used in the Voice Tracker™ was developed at Brown University and is exclusively licensed by Acoustic Magic. For additional information, visit www.Acoustic or Contact Us Here.