SecureComm Embeds Acoustic Magic’s 6 Element Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone in its Lynx Language Translator Tablet

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Array microphone provides unsurpassed recognition accuracy even with talkers separated by several feet.

Sudbury, MA, June 27, 2007 – Acoustic Magic, Inc., the leader in array microphone technology, announced today that its Voice Tracker™ array microphone technology has been built in to a tablet-like language translator developed by Secure Communications Systems, Inc, a leader in ruggedized PC devices. The Voice Tracker™ provides high quality, long-range audio pickup, which is particularly important in language translation applications for the military as it provides a safety stand off range for the warfighter that is essential in protecting our troops while enabling them to communicate across a language barrier.

“Acoustic Magic’s array microphone technology gives the Lynx unique capability that is essential for practical speech to speech translation in the field as the users do not have to pass around a handheld microphone,” said Dick Darden, VP Speech Translation Programs at SecureComm. The array steers a “listening beam” to the talker, reducing noise from other directions. “In some of our tests, the sound quality from a speaker at 6-8ft was so good that we had almost 100% recognition accuracy at realistic background noise levels with speech to speech software.”

The microphone array is located around the periphery of the 5.5″ X 4.5″ lid, which is raised in operation so talkers in front of as well as behind the tablet can be “heard”, enabling two way conversation. The Lynx translator is designed to be a generic platform suitable to host any speech to speech software such as SRI International IraqComm™ and IBM MASTOR, as well as that of other vendors.

According to Bob Feingold, CEO of Acoustic Magic, “the Voice Tracker™ array microphone technology is ideal for embedded applications in PC tablets because the number of the microphone elements, and their placement, can easily be changed. In addition, the beamforming and noise reduction software runs on our own DSP, eliminating drain on the PC’s processor and memory.”

About Acoustic Magic

Acoustic Magic, Inc., located near Boston, manufactures the standalone Voice Tracker™ desktop array microphone as well as embedded array mics. The Voice Tracker™ has found application in speech recognition, meeting and transcription recording, VoIP and conventional teleconferencing, voice control for home automation, and security surveillance. Dragon, ViaVoice and iListen speech recognition software; HomeSeer and HAL Home Automation software; as well as WinScribe and SoniClear meeting recording software, have certified the Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone. For additional information, visit www.Acoustic or Contact Us Here.

About Secure Communication Systems, Inc.

Secure Communication Systems, located in Santa Ana, California has been providing hardware solutions to the US DOD since 1986. Secure is a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) with revenue of $23 million annually. The company is 49% owned by PMC Global, a privately held company with revenues in excess of $700 million annually and 51% owned by Allen Ronk, founder, and President. Secure is currently the supplier of the US Army Air Warrior Electronic Data Manager with over 1500 units deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.