Acoustic Magic’s Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone Approved for Use with Axis Communications Network Video Products

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Microphone provides High Quality, Long Range Audio for IP-Surveillance Systems

Sudbury, MA, November 9, 2006 – Acoustic Magic, Inc., the leader in array microphone technology, announced today that its Voice Tracker™ microphone has been approved for use with network cameras and video servers from Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market. The Voice Tracker™ provides long-range audio pickup, which is particularly important in remote monitoring, security, surveillance and broadcasting applications.

“Network video systems can easily incorporate audio, a major benefit that IP-Surveillance provides over analog DVR systems,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager for Axis Communications. “Quality microphones – like those from Acoustic Magic – are critical in order to effectively use audio detection technology and audio recoding features available through the latest generation of network cameras and video servers.”

The Voice Tracker’s unique technology locates the region where the conversation is coming from and electronically and automatically steers a “listening beam,” like an acoustic searchlight, in that direction. This creates spatial filtering, and “noise” from other parts of the room is not picked up.

According to Bob Feingold, CEO of Acoustic Magic, “the Voice Tracker™ microphone is effective in somewhat noisy environments like convenience stores because it reduces background noise by utilizing both spatial filtering and digital noise reduction. It also has improved sensitivity by constructively adding the outputs of the 8 individual microphone elements in the array.”

The Voice Tracker™ connects directly to Axis network cameras through a 3.5mm plug.

About Acoustic Magic

Acoustic Magic, Inc., located near Boston, manufactures the Voice TrackerTM desktop array microphone that has found application in speech recognition, meeting and transcription recording, VoIP and conventional teleconferencing, voice control for home automation, and security surveillance. Dragon, ViaVoice and iListen speech recognition software; HomeSeer and HAL Home Automation software; as well as WinScribe and SoniClear meeting recording software, have certified the Voice TrackerTM Array Microphone. For additional information, visit www.Acoustic or Contact Us Here.