Certifies the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Array Microphone for meeting or transcription recording at long range

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Sudbury, MA, April 27, 2004 –, an Ohio-based on-line retailer of dictation and transcription products, has tested and “Certified” the Voice Tracker™ array microphone from Acoustic Magic, the first in a new Class of microphones that, together with software from, will extend applications in digital recording and speech recognition.

Kris Wilson, CEO of, states, “We are excited about the combination of the Voice Tracker™ with our GearDictate recording Software. It will be very helpful for hands-free and headset-free dictation applications. Because the Voice Tracker’s long effective range, it enables quality recording in large areas like boardrooms, courtrooms, operating theaters, etc.”

Enclosed in a sleek charcoal gray casing, the Voice Tracker™ fits unobtrusively under a computer monitor, or on a shelf or table. Its unique technology locates a talker, and electronically steers a “listening beam”, like an acoustic searchlight, in that direction. This creates spatial filtering; sounds from other parts of the room are not picked up. In addition, digital noise reduction algorithms remove constant background noise. This two-stage noise reduction, coupled with increased sensitivity since the Voice Tracker’s eight microphone elements are used continuously and constructively, give the Voice Tracker™ outstanding range and sound quality.

According to Bob Feingold, CEO of Acoustic Magic, “The Voice Tracker™ has been used to record meetings, depositions, interrogations, etc. in small offices or conference rooms of 25 feet or more. In some cases, it has been mounted on the ceiling, freeing table space”.

The Voice Tracker™ is the only array microphone on the market that can scan a full 180 degrees, and it can steer from one talker to the next in a few milliseconds. The Voice Tracker™ can be connected directly to a handheld recorder, and to a PC through the sound card, or through the USB port (with an optional USB adapter).

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About Acoustic Magic, Inc. Acoustic Magic, located just outside of Boston, is a privately held company founded in 2000 specializing in array microphones. Acoustic Magic’s Voice Tracker™ utilizes exclusive technology developed in cooperation with Brown University. For additional information, visit www.Acoustic or Contact Us Here.