Conference Room Systems chooses the Voice Tracker™ II array microphone for their “All on the Wall” package

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Acoustic Magic Inc. is pleased to report that the well regarded AV integrator Conference Room Systems has selected the Voice Tracker II array microphone for several of their conference room and huddle room pre-packaged systems.

“These USB-based systems have been designed meticulously by our engineers and installers using only the best components available on the market” says Hugh Richards, President of CRS. “We have thoroughly tested each system to ensure functionality between components, operating systems, and web conferencing software so you can be confident that our solutions will work for you”.

According to Matthew Davis, CRS project manager, the Voice Tracker II is a key component of the packages because it is able to pick up talkers at long-range at various positions throughout the room. Additionally, it’s built-in AEC enables it to work with a wide range of VoIP systems, including those that do not have a robust AEC. “The 20+ foot pickup range, wide field of view and sound quality of the Voice Tracker II array microphone exceeds that of array microphones that are 3 to 5 times more expensive “. “Additionally, the Voice Tracker has proven to be reliable and easy to use.”

If the VoIP system has a robust AEC, Davis sometimes recommends the Voice Tracker™ I array microphone. The Voice Tracker™ I array microphone does not have a built-in AEC, which is not necessary if the VoIP system’s AEC is effective. For example, “we tested it with Zoom and the combination works well. The Voice Tracker™ I microphone has even greater pickup range (in excess of 30 feet) than the Voice Tracker II.”